Upcoming Calls

 | Photo Title: Deadvlei | Photo by Steffi Liebermann ©2020

Under The Milky Way

Opens 2023-10-15

Under the Milky Way is a call for entry for photographers of all levels. Submit your best photos of the night sky and be part of an international exhibition. Showcase your work to a global audience and get feedback from experienced professionals.

 | Photo Title: Spring and Winter | Photo by Joni Niemelä ©2020

Warm Halos

Opens 2023-11-15

Warm Halos is a call for entry for photographers to exhibit their work in a juried exhibit with paid marketing and cash prizes. All styles and experience levels are welcome.



Recent Featured Artists

Nature photographer, Joni Niemelä | Photo by Joni Niemelä ©2020 A close up of a Sundew Plant | Photo Title: Otherworldly Blues | Photo by Joni Niemelä ©2020

Joni Niemelä

Inducted July, 2023

A self-taught fine art nature photographer based in Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland, Joni Niemelä is known for his use of abstract views with bold use of distinct colors and tones.

View Jonis' Exhibit
 | Photo by Alicia Rius ©2023  | Photo Title: Untitled 01 | Photo by Alicia Rius ©2023

Alicia Rius

Inducted July, 2023

Alicia Rius is an animal portrait & lifestyle photographer. Whether on location or in-studio, Alicia creates artistic portraits with well-crafted light and composition that draws the viewer in to reveal her subject’s true spirit and personality.

View Alicias' Exhibit


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