Exhibiting at The Copperprint

A black and white image titled Stage Lighting photographed by Kelly O'Leary of a backlit cloud over a grassy beach bank. | Photo Title: Stage Lighting | 
        Photo by  ©2022
Stage Lighting | ©2022

The black and white image titled "Stage Lighting" by Kelly O'Leary is stunning and notable for its composition. A backlit cloud is positioned in the center of the frame, with grasses on the bottom of the frame rooted into a sandbank - this creates a sense of balance and symmetry, and it also draws the viewer's eye to the cloud. "Stage Lighting" is a truly beautiful image that captures the magic of nature. It is a reminder that even the most ordinary things can be transformed into something extraordinary with the right light and perspective.

Why Should I Exhibit at The Copperprint?

The Copperprint Gallery offers a free comprehensive service to professional photographers looking to showcase and exhibit their artwork. With a widely known reputation for providing top-notch gallery spaces and services, The Copperprint stands above the rest. The gallery offers many benefits to those looking to exhibit their work as well as many incentives for general visitors.

The foremost benefit of using The Copperprint Gallery for exhibits is that it allows for a broad reach to potential buyers. With Copperprint’s extensive influence in the art world, exhibits hosted at their gallery can be seen by collectors and interior designers from around the world. This is especially crucial for those looking to gain exposure and make connections within their chosen field. To further ensure that potential buyers find the gallery, Copperprint uses paid, international promotions directed at professional interior designers and artists, collectors, and other galleries using ads in Instagram, Pinterest, and Google, giving all potential customers a direct and accessible view of the gallery’s offerings.

It is also worth noting that Copperprint takes particular care in ensuring that the artwork on display is of the highest quality. The gallery itself is made up of multiple, elegantly designed and well-maintained exhibition spaces that create a memorable and impressive ambiance for viewers. This is supported by the experienced consultants, who offer advice and support to assist with the curation of gallery exhibitions. On top of ensuring that the galleries’ pieces are of the utmost quality, the Copperprint Gallery also provides photo and video promotion services.

The Copperprint Gallery also offers perks to general visitors as well. The gallery seeks to create an environment of experience and discovery with its offerings, from seminars and workshops to the presence of professional conservators and qualified art educators, increasing visitors’ immersion in the art and offering a unique hands-on experience. Moreover, visitors can partake in regular artist talks and lectures conducted by specialists, gaining valuable insight and in-depth knowledge on upcoming trends in art.

For those looking to exhibit their artwork, there is simply no better place than the Copperprint Gallery. With a reach that extends to potential customers across the world and a commitment to ensuring the highest quality galleries, it offers all the services necessary to create a truly memorable