About The Copperprint

A view of Old Town Bisbee, Arizona from Tombstone Canyon Road | Photo Title: Old Town Bisbee Arizona | 
        Photo by Denis Tangney Jr. ©2023
Old Town Bisbee Arizona | ©2023 Denis Tangney Jr.

The image of old town Bisbee, Arizona, photographed by Denis Tangney Jr. is a stunning depiction of the city in the evening. The row of buildings, lined up next to each other, are bathed in a warm glow from the streetlights and storefronts. The buildings are arranged in a sense of depth and perspective with the use of leading lines, such as the street and the windows, draws the viewer's eye into the scene. The colors are muted but vibrant, and they work together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Overall, this is a beautiful and evocative image of the nostalgic town. It is a perfect example of how photography can capture the beauty and magic of a place.

Located in the heart of the historic town of Bisbee, Arizona

The Copperprint is a fine art gallery curating photographers from around the world located in the heart of the historic town, Bisbee, Arizona. We believe in the power of photography to capture the world around us and the beauty within it. We are dedicated to finding and promoting new and emerging photographers from all corners of the globe.

What is The Copperprint?

It is a treasure trove of amazing photographs taken by the world’s best photographers. Founded by a love of fine art and photography, striving to showcase the work of photographers from across the globe.

The Copperprint is dedicated to promoting artistic exploration and discovery. We believe that the beauty captured in a photograph can be used to inspire, evoke emotion, and tell stories. The gallery curates a wide spectrum of photography genres, including landscape, documentary, black and white, travel, underwater, portrait, and countless more.

The Gallery is a place where it is easy to get lost in the art. We are excited to showcase amazing collections of photography taken by acclaimed international photographers and amateur’s alike. Our mission is to provide an open, welcoming place for artists and enthusiasts to share their work and be inspired.

Each collection of art we feature at The Copperprint is carefully chosen for its power to capture emotion and tell stories. We consider the technical skill, quality of light and composition; the story being told, and the artist’s personal style. At The Copperprint, we consider each photograph carefully to ensure it is well suited for display and that it is capable of amazing our thousands of visitor exploring Bisbee each year.

Our selection process is rigorous and designed to ensure only art of the highest excellence is showcased in the gallery. We also specialize in custom work, and regularly create individual or limited collection runs of pieces to order in our print studio exclusive for our artists.

The Copperprint offers a unique environment dedicated to celebrating fine art photography in the charming town of Bisbee. If you are looking to find inspiration in beautiful art, we invite you to come and experience the gallery for yourself.

Our Mission

Photographers, such as those represented in The Copperprint gallery, contribute to our appreciation of the visual medium in a way that no other artist can. They bring scenes of beauty, pain, humor, and tragedy together in a single frame, at the right time and place. Their work speaks for itself, reaching out to those who behold them and encouraging them to consider the many different occasions and moments that could never be experienced from any other view.

The mission of The Copperprint is two-fold: first, to promote and curate the works of emerging and established photographers from every conceivable corner of the globe; and second, to contribute to the growth and global accessibility of our photographers and their captured images as a fine art medium – One cannot help but sense a palpable appreciation for the imagery that is so carefully prepared and displayed within these walls.

Upholding Our Mission

As a registered Public Benefit Company, The Copperprint is a representative of a diverse group of photographers, and is legally committed to promoting and showcasing artists work in a professional but supportive environment.

We believe that social media is a great way to connect with potential collectors and viewers – but it is not the only way because there is more to it than posting on social media: We also offer a variety of services to our artists that have been accepted into our exhibits, including:

  • We do not require our artist to be exclusive to The Copperprint. This policy gives artists more exposure by allowing artists to sell their work in other galleries and online. This way we can help them reach a wider audience.

  • Exhibition planning and execution: We work with our artists to develop and execute exhibition plans that will reach their target audiences.

  • Public relations: We promote our artists’ work through a variety of channels, including press releases, paid promotions on social media, and in-person events.

  • Sales and marketing: We work with our artists who have been accepted into our exhibits, virtual & in-person alike, to sell their work and reach new collectors.

  • Exclusive print services: As a certified Hahnemühle studio, we offer limited edition print runs that include certificates of authenticity exclusive for our inductees.

  • Education and outreach: We offer a variety of educational and outreach programs to promote photography and the arts.

Not only do we believe that these services are essential to the success of our photographic artists, but are also committed to providing our artists with the support they need to reach their ful potential.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use The Copperprint as one of your primary representative galleries:

  • We are continuously working to build a track record of success having represented some of the most talented photographers in the world, and our exhibitions have been met with critical acclaim.

  • We have a dedicated team of professionals who are passionate about photography & are committed to helping our you to succeed – we will work tirelessly to promote your work.

  • We offer a variety of services that can help you reach your target audience by working with you to develop a marketing plan that is tailored to your needs.

  • Provides Take-Down services for our artists that discover their art used on another site without permission.

  • We are a well-respected gallery committed to building a reputation within our industry, & especially with our artists.

  • We are an Associate Member (pending) of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD), and we are listed in the Photography Sourcebook.

If you are looking for a fine art gallery that will represent you and your photographic work in a professional and supportive environment, then The Copperprint is the right choice for you.

The Copperprint: Promoting the art of photography for photographers

Start by applying today for one of our photographers open call-for-entries and take the first step towards starting a relationship with The Copperprint or, drop us an email if you have any questions. You can also read through our FAQs and please do feel free to contact us by any means found on our contact page.


From the Founder

An Ode to The Copperprint:
Preserving the Art of the Photographic Image

“The world is a beautiful place. From its landscapes to its cities, to its people, every atom and inch of this earth is ripe with color and texture, perspective and opinion. To some, these sights are fleeting and seen with a passing glance. To others, they are preserved in an image forever.

In a time where digital photography collides with what was once considered a “traditional” form of art, The Copperprint manages to provide a glimpse into the art of photography as it was originally intended – be its creation from analog or digitally. We honor the mastery and skill of talented photographers by displaying their works as individual pieces of art, recognizing the hard-earned effort that each image entails.

The Copperprint offers an “Ode to Photography” and its ability to capture the world around us, inviting those who pass by to linger in thought and exploration. Our exhibited collections speaks to the boundless power of photography and the beautiful world it captures.

The Gallery, located in the historic town of Bisbee, Arizona, is a haven for those wishing to do exactly that. It is here that fine art photographers from around the world can come to their creative home – a space dedicated to celebrating their visions and preserving them for generations to come."

~Jason Robert O’Kennedy