Open & Upcoming Call For Entries

A Japanese Maple in Autumn with beautifully vibrant red leaves at the Portland Japanese Garden | Photo Title: Dreamcatcher | Photo by Chris Byrne ©2020
Dreamcatcher | ©2020 Chris Byrne

Open Call:
An Autumn Waltz

Captured the beauty of Autumn with your camera? Then enter An Autumn Waltz - A Photographers Call for Entry. Submit your best photos of fall foliage, landscapes, and more for a chance to win prizes & have your work featured in our online gallery.


Why Apply

The Copperprint is a great option for those looking to promote their art and gain exposure. Through our online platform, as well as our soon-to-be renovated brick-and-mortar gallery, people from around the globe are able to see your work. We understand the importance of making connections within one's industry, which is why we use paid international promotions using social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Google, that specifically target potential buyers such as interior designers and collectors. We strive to make sure potential clients have easy access to all of the amazing artworks and exhibits The Copperprint offers!

We're always pleased to announce the opening of new entries and this is the place to find them. Our submission process is straightforward, and you can upload your images with ease. The cost is $35 US for up to five images. If a call's theme intersects with your project(s) and you'd like to submit more than five images, feel free to apply as many times as needed -- the fee stays at $35 US per bundle of five images.

Upcoming Calls for entry

For those in search of a creative challenge, or simply looking for ideas and inspiration for 2023, we've compiled a list of upcoming calls for entries. The Copperprint is always interested in learning about past and current projects from photographers who may be stuck in a artistic rut or seeking to explore new techniques and methods. Our diverse list of opportunities below provides the perfect opportunity to take your photography to the next level.

 | Photo Title: Deadvlei | Photo by Steffi Liebermann ©2020

Under The Milky Way

Opens 2023-10-15

Under the Milky Way is a call for entry for photographers of all levels. Submit your best photos of the night sky and be part of an international exhibition. Showcase your work to a global audience and get feedback from experienced professionals.

 | Photo Title: Spring and Winter | Photo by Joni Niemelä ©2020

Warm Halos

Opens 2023-11-15

Warm Halos is a call for entry for photographers to exhibit their work in a juried exhibit with paid marketing and cash prizes. All styles and experience levels are welcome.

Black-and-white photograph of ocean waves crashing gently against a rocky shore located somewhere on the Palm Coast of Florida. | Photo Title: Rush In | Photo by Kelly O'Leary ©2020

An Oceans' Dance

Opens 2023-12-15

This juried exhibit is an open call-for-entry for those who have captured the ocean's moods in light & dark, in stillness & in motion with an opportunity for selected works marketed to a wider audience.

 | Photo Title: Kinetic Energy | Photo by Rick Ohnsman ©2020

Kinetic Energy

Opens 2024-01-15

-------- More info to come!

 | Photo Title: Flora Darkness No.5 | Photo by Thierry Gonzalez ©

Flores de Mayo

Opens 2024-02-15

Join us in celebrating the beauty of May's blooms with our Flores de Mayo call for entry. Submit your best photos to be featured on our online exhibit and get real world exposure.

 | Photo Title: BAOBAB XI | Photo by Beth Moon ©2020

The Dryads

Opens 2024-03-15

We are calling for photographic submissions that capture the spiritual beauty, & mystery of the graceful creatures, Dryads (trees) that are creative, original, and visually striking.

 | Photo Title: Empire State Building Lit For Labor Day | Photo by Jennifer Khordi ©2020

In Civitatem

Opens 2024-04-15

-------- More info to come!

 | Photo Title: Man Made | Photo by Nader Daii ©2023

Man Made

Opens 2024-05-15

-------- More info to come!

 | Photo Title: Untitled | Photo by Alicia Rius ©2023

The Sole of a Place

Opens 2024-07-15

-------- More info to come!

 | Photo Title: Zmrzlé Stromy (Frozen Trees) | Photo by Jan Bainar ©2020


Opens 2024-11-01

Ice is a photographers call for entry. Submit your photos to be exhibited at our online gallery, and be eligible to win awards. Showcase your work from around the world with Ice and get recognized by industry professionals.