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        Photo by Alicia Rius ©2023
Untitled 01 | ©2023 Alicia Rius

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An Introduction

 | Photo by Alicia Rius ©2018
©2018 Alicia Rius

Behind the lens of Alicia Rius, a talent unlike any other, lies a deep passion for animal photography. With a keen eye for detail and a unique ability to capture the true essence of her subjects, Alicia’s work shines through in every photograph she takes. Whether she is shooting on location or in-studio, her artistry is evident in the way she expertly uses light and composition to draw the viewer into the image, revealing the inner spirit and personality of the animals she photographs.

Alicia’s journey as a photographer began with a fascination for Abandoned Places, a discipline commonly known as Urban Exploration or Urbex. In a field that is predominantly male-dominated, Alicia courageously threw herself into these alarming and perilous situations. As one of the few daring female photographers in this genre, she faced a higher risk for unwanted outcomes. Despite the challenges, Alicia’s work in capturing the beauty and art of decayed buildings is truly exceptional. Her photographs transport viewers into a world of imagination, where a single image can ignite a thousand different versions of stories and even send shivers down the spine.

Since 2009, Alicia Rius has been no stranger to the art world. Her extensive body of work has been showcased in more than 45 galleries across Europe and the United States. Her exceptional talent has also been recognized and featured in numerous prestigious publications, magazines, and photography books worldwide.

However, it was Alicia’s work with animals that truly set her apart. Capturing the stories of hope, happiness, and love shared between humans and animals became her true calling. Last year, her remarkable portfolio revolving around animals earned her the coveted IPA Award, one of the most prestigious international photography accolades in the industry. This honor only further solidifies Alicia’s position as a leading commercial pet photographer.

What sets Alicia Rius apart from others in her field is her ability to create genuine connections with the animals she photographs. Every image reflects not just the skill of a talented photographer, but also the trust and rapport she builds with her subjects. This connection allows her to capture the true essence of these animals, revealing their innermost emotions and creating photographs that are not just visually striking but also deeply meaningful.

So, whether you are a pet owner seeking a precious keepsake of your beloved furry friend or a commercial client looking to elevate your brand image with captivating animal photography, Alicia Rius is the photographer who can exceed your expectations. Her artistic vision, technical excellence, and unwavering dedication to portraying the true spirit of animals make her the perfect choice. With Alicia behind the lens, you can trust that every photograph will tell a story and evoke emotions that will resonate for a lifetime.

Artist Statement

Alicia Rius and her rescue dog, Riff | Titled: Riff (my rescued dog) & I. | ©2020 Alicia Rius
Riff (my rescued dog) & I. | ©2020 Alicia Rius

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Artist Bio

 | Titled:  | ©2020 Alicia Rius
| ©2020 Alicia Rius

Before I became an animal photographer, I started as an Urban Explorer – in other words, someone who photographs abandoned places. It all began quite randomly because there was never a plan. I stumbled upon an old farmhouse that still held personal items, and I felt something incredibly special. It was as if I were trespassing into someone’s past life – a post-mortem witness to a family that once resided there but had to depart, leaving their belongings behind.

That marked the initial day of an incredible journey that defined me as a photographer and propelled my career forward.

Sometimes, the best things in life are the ones that unfold naturally.

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