Chris Byrne

Herd of horses in golden pampas with jagged Mountains Cuernos del Paine in background photographed by Chris Byrne. | Photo Title: Wild Heart | 
        Photo by Chris Byrne ©2022
Wild Heart | ©2022 Chris Byrne

Wild Heart

Wild Heart is a stunning image of a herd of horses silhouetted against the dramatic backdrop of the Cuernos del Paine in Torres del Paine National Park. The contrast between the dark horses and the golden pampas creates a sense of drama and movement, while the peaks in the background add a sense of scale and grandeur. The sun is low in the sky, casting long shadows across the pampas with a storm breaking over the jagged peaks above. Some horses are bathed in golden light, which makes them appear to glow. The overall effect is one of a wild and untamed landscape, inhabited by free-spirited creatures. Image Details

An Introduction

Headshot of Chris Byrne | Photo by Chris Byrne ©2023
©2023 Chris Byrne

Welcome to the gallery of Chris Byrne, a landscape travel photographer from Philadelphia who is passionate about capturing the beauty of the natural world and inspiring others to travel and see what it has to offer. His images are bright, colorful, and full of intrigue inviting the viewer to explore new places and experience different cultures.

His photography is characterized by its bright colors, unique perspectives, and engaging compositions where he is particularly drawn to landscapes that are full of contrast, such as mountains, deserts, and beaches. Chris uses a variety of techniques to capture the beauty of the natural world, including long exposure, HDR, and panoramic photography– a true expert at using light and shadow to create dramatic effects.

Artist Statement

Chris walking in a field of lupine flowers at Bald hills California. | Titled: Bald Hills Portrait | ©2020 Chris Byrne
Bald Hills Portrait | ©2020 Chris Byrne

The beauty of photography to me is the constant evolution of the photographer in the process. The legendary Ansel Adams summed it up perfectly when he said “You don’t make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.” With every press of the camera shutter, the creative process, and the inspiration and journey that brought me to that scenic place, all of it builds upon itself to shape my vision and composition of every photograph I take.

As I fulfill my own curiosity to explore, create, and grow, I will be constantly adding new images to my website site. It is my hope to capture images that will inspire people to get out and enjoy nature for themselves. There’s nothing quite like seeing a beautiful landscape with your own eyes, taking it all in with a deep breath, to make you feel more alive than ever.

Artist Bio

Chris Byrne in front of Mount Rainier | Titled: Chris Byrne At Mount Rainier | ©2020 Chris Byrne
Chris Byrne At Mount Rainier | ©2020 Chris Byrne

It took many years for me to find photography as a means of artistic expression. I remember as a kid, my father had a collection of National Georgraphic magazines that were pristinely kept on a book shelf. Every time I would open one I was taken to a new and wonderful far away place with different cultures and scenery. Sure the articles were great, but the photographs…….ahhh the photographs, they were spectacular. I was particularly drawn to the nature shots. It probably isn’t a coincidence then that one of my other favorite things to do as a kid was get out in the woods with my brother and see what we could find. What I remember most was the smell of the trees and the dirt, and the sounds of the rushing creek and leaves in the breeze. It was all so peaceful and made the little kid me feel alive in the moment.

Many years later after choosing a different career path, I picked up a camera as a hobby and began shooting whatever was close by. Living in Philadelphia, this was mostly architecture and city landmarks. It wasn’t until I took a camping trip out to Glacier National Park, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, that I rediscovered my itch to get out and explore nature. After that experience I was hooked once again on the outdoors and shifted my pursuits to landscape and nature photography.

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