Apparition | Chris Byrne

Cypress trees in fall colors along the Big Cypress Bayou - photographed by Chris Byrne. | Photo Title: Apparition | 
        Photo by Chris Byrne ©2023
Apparition | ©2023 Chris Byrne

About this Photograph

The image titled “Apparition” is a masterful depiction of the beauty and mystery of nature. A small & lone cypress tree, its branches silhouetted in fog, appears to be an apparition, a ghost tree rising from the wetland. The muted fall colors of the trees’ thinning leaves add to the sense of mystery, as if it was attempting to cloak its self in a veil of secrecy.

One can almost feel the cool, damp air of the swamp; hear the faint sound of water rippling in the distance, and the smell of the rich earthy scent of the cypress trees. This image is a feast for the senses transporting its viewers to another world.

Chris has captured a unique atmosphere of this place perfectly. The fog creates a sense of stillness and isolation, while the vibrant colors of the leaves lend a touch of life and energy. The overall effect is calming and invigorating, and it’s easy to see why this image has been so popular.

From The Artists

Headshot of Chris Byrne | Photo by Chris Byrne ©
© Chris Byrne
"The morning mist was thick as I paddled along in Big Cypress Bayou. Slowly the smoke on the water began to dissipate as I found myself near this well shaped bald cypress showing off her fall colors. With the foggy backdrop making this tree standout and the natural framing of the tall, skinny ones on the side, it was as if she appeared out of nowhere. As soon as the mist was gone, so too was the significance of this tree as she disappeared into the backdrop of fall colors behind. I was grateful to witness this brief appearance."
~Chris Byrne