Awakening | Chris Byrne

Lava flowing over rock with sunbeams breaking thru the clouds in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland - photographed by Chris Byrne. | Photo Title: Awakening | 
        Photo by Chris Byrne ©2021
Awakening | ©2021 Chris Byrne

About this Photograph

The image titled “Awakening” is a powerful depiction of a Tuya volcano in Fagradalsfjall, Iceland. As the volcano is shrouded in clouds, sunbeams break through, illuminating the thin lava streams that are flowing over the rock. The lava resemble ribbons of fire, which stand out beneath the gloomy clouds and overlying the black, solidified rock.

Chris Byrne has captured the sense of power and energy that is inherent in a volcano. The lava streams resemble molten rock rivers, pulsing with vitality, bringing a chill through one’s veins. The clouds are like a veil that is obscuring the volcano’s true power, but the sunbeams that break through hint at the potential for destruction.

This image is both beautiful and terrifying. While lava streams are mesmerizing, they also hint at the danger that is present. The clouds above are ominous, but they also provide a sense of mystery. The overall effect is one of awe and wonder, but also of fear and caution, a duality of nature, and it is a reminder that we should always respect the power of the elements.

The image title, “Awakening,” is also apt. A volcano is like a sleeping giant that awakened. The lava streams are like the first signs of life, and they hint at the potential for destruction. This image is a reminder that even the most dormant volcanoes can be dangerous.

From The Artists

Chris Byrne headshot. | Photo by Chris Byrne ©
© Chris Byrne
"Sunset light falls over the new volcano at Fagradalsfjall in Iceland in August 2021. Creating this image is one of the most memorable of my life. Once the eruption began earlier in the year I became fascinated with seeing it for myself. However on my first trip it was not to be as she went dormant. A couple months later I returned and was rewarded with the most epic thing I have ever laid eyes on."
~Chris Byrne