Ol' Blue Eyes | Chris Byrne

Close up of a Icelandic horse with blue eyes - photographed by Chris Byrne. | Photo Title: Ol' Blue Eyes | 
        Photo by Chris Byrne ©2023
Ol' Blue Eyes | ©2023 Chris Byrne

About this Photograph

The image titled “Ol’ Blue Eyes” is a close-up of an Icelandic horse’s , with its piercing blue eye visible through its lush blonde mane which falls in soft waves around its neck, framing this horse’s face. The horse’s eye is a deep blue, and it seems to stare directly into the viewer’s soul.

Chris has captured the horse’s unique features perfectly; expressive and intelligent, showing a horse’s eye is a window into its soul. The overall effect is one of a wild and powerful creature, but also one of gentleness and beauty.

The title, “Ol’ Blue Eyes”, fits the image because the horse’s striking blue eye tells a story as if the aged creature is full of wisdom and has seen many things in its lifetime. Tho lined with age, the horse’s eye is still clear and bright, full of majesty. The title is a reminder that even in old age, there is still beauty and wisdom to be found.

From The Artists

Phot of Chris Byrne | Photo by Chris Byrne ©
© Chris Byrne
"TODO– Backstory to Ol’ Blue Eyes from Chris Byrne coming soon."
~Chris Byrne