Fall of a Dreamer | Jason Robert O'Kennedy

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        Photo by Jason Robert O'Kennedy ©2022
Fall of a Dreamer | ©2022 Jason Robert O'Kennedy

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 | Photo by Jason Robert O'Kennedy ©
© Jason Robert O'Kennedy
"Fall of a Dreamer | Cibecue Falls | On฀ August฀ 30,฀ 1881,฀ United฀ States฀ military฀ commanders฀ ordered฀ the฀ arrest฀ of฀ Nochaydelklinne,฀ a ฀spiritual฀leader and dreamer,฀ thought ฀to ฀be ฀exciting฀ unrest ฀among฀ Apaches residing฀along Cibecue Creek.฀ Shortly after the malicious arrest, while the 6th Cavalry was nervously setting up camp on the creeks western bank, hundreds of Apaches surrounded the camp incensed Nochaydelklinne was seized without cause. Shots were fired and a ฀battle ฀ensued,฀ resulting ฀in ฀the ฀deaths ฀of฀ Apaches฀ and soldiers; Eastern papers reported that “Indians Massacred 117 Soldiers” as “The Cibecue Masacre” – the final count was only six. Nochaydelklinne was shot point-blank by a soldier. Later, after finding Nochaydelklinne was miraculously still alive, another soldier decapitated him. After months of distrust, the Apache broke from the reservation to reoccupy their traditional lands. However, they were incessantly hunted by the army – killed or forced to return where they are still today. (Source; Keepers฀ of ฀Western ฀Apache)"
~Jason Robert O'Kennedy