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TODO-- | Photo Title: Empire State Building | 
        Photo by Jennifer Khordi ©2020
Empire State Building | ©2020 Jennifer Khordi

Empire State Building

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An Introduction

 | Photo by Jennifer Khordi ©2023
©2023 Jennifer Khordi

GJennifer Khordi is a highly acclaimed photographer with a diverse portfolio that showcases her exceptional skills in capturing captivating images. With a background in computer technology, she has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of photography, taking the industry by storm.

Originally from the Bronx, Jennifer began her journey in photography in the late 1980s, focusing primarily on street photography. However, her passion quickly evolved, leading her to explore the realms of travel and portrait photography. With an eye for detail and a dedication to honing her craft, Jennifer’s work soon caught the attention of both peers and photography enthusiasts alike.

In recent years, Jennifer has devoted her time and expertise to capturing the breathtaking beauty of celestial bodies, specifically the moon and the mesmerizing Milky Way. Through her lens, she has found a way to bring these enchanting wonders to life, capturing the intricate details and mystical allure that lies beyond our earthly realm. Her celestial photography showcases her expertise in long exposure techniques, creating stunning images that transport viewers to a realm of wonder and awe.

As a testament to her professionalism and exceptional skills, Jennifer has forged partnerships and sponsorships with renowned brands in the industry. She is proudly sponsored by Nikon, a global leader in camera and lens technology, reflecting the level of recognition she has achieved in her field. Additionally, Jennifer is an ambassador for Kingjoy Tripods, NiSi Filters, and AdoramaPix, esteemed brands that trust in her ability to showcase their products with excellence and creativity. It is clear that her expertise resonates not only with her audience but also with the industry’s leading players.

Jennifer’s talent as a photographer has also led her to secure prestigious positions within the photography community. As the official photographer of HeliFlights, she captures stunning aerial imagery, showcasing her versatility and adaptability behind the lens. Furthermore, she is a workshop contributor at Unique Photo, sharing her knowledge and expertise with budding photographers who aspire to master the art of capturing the perfect shot.

Jennifer’s dedication to her craft has not gone unnoticed, as she has been recognized as a teampixel member for Google Pixel. This accolade further reinforces her position as a highly respected professional in the photography world, showcasing her ability to harness the capabilities of innovative technology to create awe-inspiring imagery.

In conclusion, Jennifer Khordi is a photographer who has been able to seamlessly transition from a career in computer technology to a successful realm of visual storytelling through her lens. With a diverse portfolio that spans street, travel, portrait, and celestial photography, she has proven her versatility and talent in capturing captivating imagery. Through her partnerships and sponsorships, Jennifer continues to push the boundaries of her craft while sharing her knowledge and passion as a workshop contributor. Her work is a testament to her dedication, innovation, and unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Artist Statement

 | Titled:  | ©2020 Jennifer Khordi
| ©2020 Jennifer Khordi

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Artist Bio

 | Titled:  | ©2020 Jennifer Khordi
| ©2020 Jennifer Khordi

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