Rush In | Kelly O'Leary

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        Photo by Kelly O'Leary ©2022
Rush In | ©2022 Kelly O'Leary

About this Photograph

The image “Rush In” by Kelly O’Leary is a stunning black and white on the shore of Palm Coast of Florida that captures a contest of waves crashing against the rocks that seem to be a dance in a graceful and powerful ballet. The contrast between the white foam of the waves and the dark rocks is stark and dramatic as the shadows cast by the rocks add a sense of depth and mystery.

Kelly’s use of light and shadow is particularly effective in capturing the movement and energy of the waves. The sunbeams that gently pierce through the clouds seem to highlight the swirling patterns of the water, while the shadows of the rocks lend a sense of weight and solidity. The overall effect is one of a powerful force of nature that is both beautiful and awe-inspiring.

The title of the image, “Rush In,” perfectly captures the sense of energy and movement in the photograph. “Rush In” also conveys a story of a relentless battle as the waves seem to be rushing back to the sea with a sense of urgency, as if they are eager to retreat from the rocks while in turn, the rocks seem to be resisting the waves, as if they are determined to stand their ground. The tension between the waves and the rocks is palpable, and it is this tension that gives the image its power.

“Rush In” is a beautiful and evocative image that captures the power of nature in all its beauty and ferocity. It is a reminder of the ever-changing nature of the world around us, and of the power of the ocean to both create and destroy.

From The Artists

 | Photo by Kelly O'Leary ©
© Kelly O'Leary
"The wildly rushing tide crashes into spectacular coquina rock formations along the Washington Oaks shoreline. I have been lured to this location more times than I can count, wandering, exploring, dreaming, captivated by this coastline of beach which holds fascinating geologic wonders. A span of almost otherworldly terrain to explore, to study, to document. The hour of day is imperative to acquiring an enchanting atmosphere of light to play off of the already astounding forms and further enhance my images with shadow and depth. This balmy July evening I spent wading into and crouching low in the surf to capture this particular rock which rarely makes an appearance. Forever following the light, the rock caught my eye as the low setting sun peering through a billowy array of clouds generously highlighted its glistening wet surface bespeckled with diminutive periwinkles. Taking care to not allow myself to be overtaken by the incoming tide, I made quick work to slow my shutter down just enough to capture the exuberance of the sea as it charged the rocks, swirling and spilling over their austere faces, and leaping into the air with wild abandon."
~Kelly O'Leary