Scepter In Sand Dune | Kelly O'Leary

TODO-- | Photo Title: Scepter In Sand Dune | 
        Photo by Kelly O'Leary ©2022
Scepter In Sand Dune | ©2022 Kelly O'Leary

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 | Photo by Kelly O'Leary ©
© Kelly O'Leary
"Relished are treasures, treasures hidden in plain sight, treasures crafted by the hand of Nature, woven by benevolent winds. A crisp late November day found me off the beaten path, wandering through scattered scrub brush along the sand dunes. The breezy gusts blowing in from the Atlantic only augmented the cool Autumnal winds which prompted the beach grasses to rhythmically sway in a swirling motion, glinting in the glow of the falling light. This particular gleaming and the undulating motion of delicate forms gracefully dancing in the breeze lured me to capture this image. Golden hour had set this branch aglow, festooned with gracefully arching ribbons and dainty tendrils of flaxen-hued dune grasses which comfortably wound themselves securely to its end, fashioning none other than a resplendent, regal scepter. So elegant, so very special this treasure of organic regalia."
~Kelly O'Leary