Swell | Kelly O'Leary

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        Photo by Kelly O'Leary ©2023
Swell | ©2023 Kelly O'Leary

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 | Photo by Kelly O'Leary ©
© Kelly O'Leary
"The cold fronts that pass through coastal Florida have such a great impact on our coastline. One such front settled in for a brief stay in April of this year and I was excitedly poised to capture the ensuing festivities. I headed up A1A towards one of my favorite beaches just south of St, Augustine. Approaching the beach on foot, all other sound ceased to exist as it was replaced by the deep, tremendous roar of the sea and the wildly, churning surf came into view along the horizon at a far greater distance than ever before. Immense swells and a vast landscape of white caps filled my view, a colossal, churning sea- I could feel my adrenaline begin to surge as I made my way down onto the shore. It takes one’s breath away to stare into the enormity of the ocean as it rages and churns, making us feel so very, very small. I stood upon these very rocks as the waves relentlessly charged them, not only viewing the enormity, but most decidedly feeling it as with each crashing wave, the earth would tremble just below my feet. A merging with nature, awe-inspiring and humbling"
~Kelly O'Leary