Rick Ohnsman

Photo of birds huddled on a post in the snow | Photo Title: Meet Me at the Outpost | 
        Photo by Rick Ohnsman ©2020
Meet Me at the Outpost | ©2020 Rick Ohnsman

Meet Me at the Outpost

Rick Ohnsman’s perfectly titled photograph, “Meet Me at The Outpost” captures a wintry scene with remarkable precision. The Copperprint can guarantee that snowy scenes like these have been difficult to capture successfully, and yet Rick has easily managed to avoid over-exposure in this precious image of finches perched atop a post. Bird watchers and photographers alike will be thrilled with this gorgeous photo! Image Details

An Introduction

Self Portrait of Rick Ohnsman | Photo by Rick Ohnsman ©2023
©2023 Rick Ohnsman

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Artist Statement

Black-and-white photo of ballet dancers on a stage | Titled: Ballet Scene from Giselle | ©2020 Rick Ohnsman
Ballet Scene from Giselle | ©2020 Rick Ohnsman

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Artist Bio

an Working in the woods taking photos | Titled: Man Working in Trees | ©2020 Rick Ohnsman
Man Working in Trees | ©2020 Rick Ohnsman

It’s not just a hobby… It’s an Adventure! That’s how Rick Ohnsman feels about photography. His camera takes him to new places, while showing him new sights and most of all, allowing Rick to express a personal vision of the world.

Rick Ohnsman has been an avid photographer for over 45 years. He started in high school with a Hanimex Practica Nova 1B camera and a darkroom in the garage, then progressed to using view cameras at college, then advanced to from using Kodachrome slides before embracing the digital age.

Currently, he is a member of the Boise Camera Club and instructs others about photography through authoring posts on Improvephotography.com and also at Digital-Photography-School.com.

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