Thierry Gonzalez

A black & white portrait of a wild horse lit by side-light | Photo Title: Blackness | 
        Photo by Thierry Gonzalez ©2020
Blackness | ©2020 Thierry Gonzalez


Thierry Gonzalez’s photograph, titled “Blackness”, is a favorite at The Copperprint. It features a beautiful wild horse and displays classic portraiture lighting techniques, resulting in a background of pure blackness. Capturing the image required both technical skill and patience; it will certainly be appreciated by horse lovers looking for something to hang on their walls. Image Details

An Introduction

Self portrait of nature photographer, Thierry Gonzalez | Photo by Thierry Gonzalez ©2023
©2023 Thierry Gonzalez

His love for exploration**, and young, Thierry loved everything related to adventure and exploration. He examined and peeled hundreds of times the world map which decorated his room, without suspecting that a little later, a paper map would no longer be enough to quench his thirst for discovering the world. Barely past his thirties, Thierry had set foot in more than 25 countries around the world.

Artist Statement

Photographer Thierry Gonzalez Walking with lions | Titled: Thierry Gonzalez Walking with lions | ©2020 Thierry Gonzalez
Thierry Gonzalez Walking with lions | ©2020 Thierry Gonzalez

Every artist sends a message through his works; The one I’m launching is this: we live on a wonderful planet, surrounded by unique animals. The modern world too often makes us forget the chance we have to take advantage of all this beautiful creation. We have so much to learn from the incredible wisdom behind nature. The perfect balance of its systems, its aesthetics and practicality. In front of such masterpieces, one realizes how faulty human inventions are. Man’s nonsense and his thirst for more is making him lose what is most precious to him, his planet.

It’s hard to explain what speaks to a person in a photograph or not, art being a complex concept that we continuously learn from. For my part, here is the recipe for my best shots: I prepare meticulously for each outing, I photograph with a specific objective in mind, I only use the best photographic equipment, I arm myself with patience and determination to be in the right place at the right time, and at the precise moment when each click is magic, the hairs standing on my arms, I let art and emotion do their work.

Artist Bio

Photographer Thierry Gonzalez out in the field | Titled: Thierry Gonzalez out in the field | ©2020 Thierry Gonzalez
Thierry Gonzalez out in the field | ©2020 Thierry Gonzalez

From kindergarten school, Thierry stood out in the arts, winning his class drawing contests. The following year, he was upgraded the first day of school after the teachers had examined one of his drawings. A dozen years later, he chose to study graphic arts in order to make it his profession. With a diploma in hand and having won the merits of excellence in his class, he decided to start his own business.

At just 20 years old, he founded a large format design and printing company that made his mark in the industry. For 10 years, thousands of projects passed through Thierry’s hands as an Art Director, developing his current eye and artistic sense. Thierry and his partner have now passed the torch of this fine organization and its 18 employees. In the years before the sale of his business, Thierry discovered his passion for photography and worked hard to quickly learn the inner workings of the profession and its very complex techniques.

“Less is more, but details matter” is Thierry’s photographic motto. He loves to create simple images that are full of details. Extremely selective and self-critical with his images, he selects on average only one photo out of thirty, thus focusing on quality and exclusivity rather than quantity. Thierry specializes in large format animal art photography. Adoring the challenge, he knows that a photo printed in large format does not forgive any technical error, which pushes him to surpass himself in the field.

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