The Last One | Thierry Gonzalez

Endangered White Rhino face photographed as a high-contrast black-and-white | Photo Title: The Last One | 
        Photo by Thierry Gonzalez ©2020
The Last One | ©2020 Thierry Gonzalez

About this Photograph

The photograph is a high-contrast, black-and-white image of the side of a white rhinoceros’s face and horn. The rhino’s face is wrinkled and scarred, and its eyes are sunken and sad. A single beam of light cuts diagonally across the rhino’s face, illuminating its eye and highlighting its wrinkles. The light also casts a shadow on the rhino’s horn, making it appear even more imposing.

The image is titled “The Last One”, taken by nature photographer, Thierry Gonzalez is a powerful reminder of the extinction of the northern white rhinoceros. The rhino’s face is a portrait of both strength and vulnerability, and the single beam of light symbolizes the hope that one day, this species will be brought back from the brink of extinction.

The photograph is beautifully composed, with the rhino’s face filling the frame. The contrast between the light and dark areas of the image is striking, and the use of shadows adds depth and drama. The overall effect is a haunting and moving image that captures the beauty and tragedy of the northern white rhinoceros.

The photograph would be a powerful addition to any collection of wildlife photography. It is a reminder of the fragility of nature and the importance of conservation. It is also a beautiful and moving tribute by Thierry to a species that is now gone forever.

From The Artists

Nature photographer, Thierry Gonzalez | Photo by Thierry Gonzalez ©
© Thierry Gonzalez
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